Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things That Are Good.

Hello, citizens.

I like things that are good. I spend a great deal of time admiring, thinking about, and talking about things that are good. I like to discuss why things are good, and the degree to which they are good, sometimes in excruciating detail. Detail is good, I think. Sometimes I encounter things that are bad. Even though these things are not good, discussing their badness can be quite enjoyable, and thus this is good also. Some things are a little bit good, some things are great, all are worthy of discussion (well, most).

Perhaps you also are an admirer of things that are good. Perhaps you would be interested in knowing about some things that I think are good. Maybe you will think the things I consider good are in fact good, or maybe you will find them bad. This is of no great importance. The crucial thing is that we come together as friends to determine if things are in fact Things That Are Good. Please enjoy.

Your Friend,

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